TSOP - Type I and Type II

TSOP Tape & Reel Service Offered by NPI Materials

Note: These memory packages are in steep decline, rapidly being replaced by BGA's. NPI supports every version. Always rectangular, Type I has pins on the two short sides while Type II has pins on the two long sides.

TSOP Package
186TSOP-32 (T-1)TSOP32X168.620.62.1
55TSOP-28 (T-1)TSOP24X128.713.92.1
214TSOP-24 (T-2)TSOP24X129.717.72.1
717TSOP-20 (T-1)TSOP32X129.818.01.7
215TSOP-40 (T-1)TSOP32X1610.320.21.7
711TSOP-40 (T-1) STSOP24X1610.514.62.0
217TSOP-54 (T-2)TSOP32X1612.222.82.1
187TSOP-44 (T-2)TSOP32X1612.419.02.1
216TSOP-50 (T-2)TSOP32X1612.421.42.1
188TSOP-48 (T-1)TSOP32X1612.520.62.1
189TSOP-56 (T1)TSOP32X2014.320.41.8