Beginning a Business Relationship with NPI Materials

NPI's Strategy is to Integrate NPI into our Client's Business Process


That means remove all of the time-wasting effort and challenges from this process that are obstacles to success.

We understand that Tape and Reel is not something that should cross your mind, much less consume your day. The short video below describes some of the tape & reel services offered by NPI Materials.

Working through these few steps makes this journey fast and painless.

Step 1: Complete the New Client Set-up Form downloaded here

This form tells us who we can contact to address questions pertaining to everything from reel counts and PO numbers to orientation and invoices with a single call or email. The short video below describes the easy process to establish an acocunt with NPI. The ultimate goal is to provide the fastest and most accurate service.

Step 2: Set-up NPI Materials as a vendor.

You'll need our corporate information that you can download. Call Amy for a key, 972-346-9003

Step 3: Determine how you want to transact business.

We support any method from annual, quarterly or monthly blanket PO's to discrete PO's, individual PO or monthly, weekly billing and even credit cards.

You decide what works best for you and we'll integrate the solution.

Step 4: Send NPI Materials your label and transportation specification.

If our present label is insufficient to meet your specification, we will custom design a new one for you.

Step 5: Understand the "HOT" buttons.

We have one level of service, ASAP. Our clients are often holding a manufacturing line for the material we are processing.

With this in mind, there is no need to request "expedited" service. We do not charge extra for expediting. Everything is expedited in the order it is received.

Step 6: Email your requirements to NPI.

We use a simple Excel spreadsheet to launch our order entry program. All we need is part number and quantity.

Your process may require a quote prior to sending the work. We'll oblige you as soon as possible but it could slow down the process. While you are waiting for a quote, other customers are sending their jobs into the FIFO queue.

When your material arrives at NPI, it is put in a queue where it waits its turn to be processed. Once it begins processing, a detailed acknowledgement is prepared. We can send that to you at your request.

These are the key points of a relationship:

  • Clear communication channels at each point in the organization. Avoid running all communication through a single point.
  • Simplify the process. Once we have our contacts understood, we can devise a simple process for communicating requirements, acknowledging work orders, confirming schedules and completion, invoicing and payment.