J-STD-033D compliant Bake and Dry-Pack MSD product

Precautionary Measures for Treatment and Packaging of Moisture Sensitive Devices.

  • Many component packages are considered Moisture Sensitive by their manufacturer.
    • BGA
    • TSOP
    • Quad Flat Pack
    • Transformers & Modules
    • Tantalum Capacitors
    • SOIC, TSSOP, SSOP's from certain manufacturers

  • The Exposure Time is often neglected by the supply chain so distributors often post a "Notice", effectively passing responsibility to the user.


  • NPI Materials transfers product from the existing package into bakable trays and bakes the material per JEDEC J-STD-033 for the prescribed amount of time and temperature.
  • This resets the exposure clock to zero.
  • We then taped and reel the product, dry-package with desiccant and HIC and generate the proper labeling and a new exposure log.


  • With a zero exposure log, the user can now reflow the product safely without fear of damage caused by moisture trapped inside the package.
  • MSD Processing can be combined with other NPI services such as reel splitting, exposing only the number of components needed during a single manufacturing run.
  • NPI's bake services are performed in annually calibrated, digitally controlled Grieve industrial ovens at temperatures of 125 degrees C or 150 degrees C, depending on the manufacturers' specification.


  • Pricing includes all services and materials required to perform the service and is tiered based on the package condition of the product.
    • $0.06 / unit, $36.00 lot minimum for product received in bakable trays.
    • $0.07 / unit, $36.00 lot minimum for product received in tubes or bulk.
    • $0.08 / unit, $36.00 lot minimum for product received on tape or non-bakable trays.
  • Prices do not include re-taping or re-tubing. Standard Tape & Reel charges apply.