NPI Materials SMT Component Preparation Services

Component packaging services to address the "Customer Ready" needs of Component Manufacturers and Distributors and the "Machine Ready" needs of Electronics Manufacturers and Defense Contractors.

NPI Materials provides an entire suite of component prep services that entail component preparation and packaging for pick & place machine assembly

Not sure exactly where to look? Here is a quick guide.

  • If you are a component manufacturer of semiconductors, passives, connectors, coils, crystals, optoelectronics, SMT hardware or any other SMT component, and are looking for low volume samples to be taped and reeled, high volume domestic capabilities, or repackaging services from trays, tubes, bulk or tape to something else, Choose Component Mfgs. to the right
  • If you are an authorized distributor, independent distributor or broker and need to have your product repackaged from tubes, trays, bulk or tape to something else, or have moisture sensitive devices baked then re-taped, or programmed, then Select Component Distributors.
  • If you are an EMS/CM and require any of the above services, reel splitting, lead forming, conversion form ROHS to Pb, consigned kits made SMT ready or a complete inventory cycle count and/or re-hab, Pick Electronics Manufacturing Services.
  • If you are a Defense Contractor SMT operation and require any of the above services with special emphasis on Military Packages at a secure facility, then Click on Defense Contractors.
  • If you are not looking for services, but instead want to buy tape & reel supplies, go to Products on the main menu.

If you are not looking for any of the above, but are just surfing around, enjoy yourself and have a nice day.