Texas Instruments Tape & Reel

TI has long been a semiconductor packaging leader. From their early 1980's push into surface mount technology with the SOIC and PLCC, their affiliations with TI-Japan and the SSOP and EIAJ standards, and the '90s thrust into BGA technology, they push the envelope in packaging size and cost. Today they lead in the introductions of WLCSP packages.

Staying current

with the packaging leader is a challenge. To minimize cost and footprint, TI constantly evolves the traditional categories of packaing like the BGA's and TSSOP's. NPI Materials studies each move and responds with a carrier tape secured from our channels around the globe to address each introduction. The RHU aka BGA - 5.5 X 11.5mm, 36 pin RUV aka QFN-3.5X7mm and the ZUT aka BGA-19.5mm Deep packages are three leadership TI packages that NPI Materials offers exlusive tape & reel capability in North America.

In areas of extreme differentiation

such as BGA thickness, NPI offers multiple Ko/K1 values. Thus for the many BGA-35mm packages offered by TI, NPI supports a GFV aka BGA-35mmT (0.8mm K1), the standard BGA-35mm (1.7mm K1) and GFX BGA-35mmD (3.0mm K1).

Even the venerable TSSOP

is pushed by TI. NPI is one of the only providers in North America to support the DBB TSSOP-80 package.

But the new frontier

is the WLCSP package. As many ways as a designer can lay-out a chip, is the number of dimensions that will drive WLCSP packaging and the carrier tapes required to hold them. As an Authorized Distributor of 3M carrier tape, and with access to the world's top suppliers like CPAK and Advantek, NPI Materials will deliver the solution when called upon.