Linear Technology Tape and Reel

Linear, now part of Analog Devices is a leader in analog/power but a laggard in packaging until 2010. Now LTC has become very aggressive with BGA, less so with QFN/DFN and has yet to publish any WLCSP packaging intent.

Staying current

with this emerging packaging leader can be challenging because many of their introductions are in non-JEDEC BGA modules for which open tooled tape is seldom available. NPI offers support for most of these packages with custom designed tapes such as the 121-lead BGA aka LGA-15mm as they are required by customers. As an Authorized Distributor of 3M carrier tape, and with access to the world's top suppliers like CPAK and Advantek, NPI Materials will deliver the solution when called upon.

Linear Technology is less aggressive with leaded packages

and with the exception of the MS/E 12 and 16 pin aka MSOP-12/16, which NPI supports, nothing is unique to LTC.

For a comprehensive report

of NPI Materials' capabilities to tape & reel Linear Technology's product line, please call 1-855-NPI-Reel.