Being served by NPI, you are in great company

Electronics Manufacturing Services

  • Seven of the top ten global electronics manufacturers use NPI for Tape & Reel Service
  • Single site operations from Minnesota to Mexico use NPI with the majority of those in Texas and surrounding states
  • Specific services include conversion of tubes, trays and bulk to tape, baking exposed MSD's and installing pick-ups and tape for interconnect


  • We serve seven of the top 10 distributors serving North American customers. If you buy components from distribution, tell them to have them taped by NPI Materials and it will be arranged.
  • A large segment of NPI's business is independent distribution, converting trays and tubes to reels and baking MSD's. A specific NPI strategy is to support every emerging SDRAM and Flash memory package including BGA's in half and quarter millimeter increments.

Original Component Manufacturers

  • We serve the worlds' leading semiconductor and passive brands with tape and reel services for their NPI components, samples, first articles and re-screened early production ramp units.
  • NPI serves the same companies with 3M carrier and cover tape and T & R product development assistance.
  • NPI devlops custom carrier tapes for unique size and shape components like modules, coils and hardware, fast and cost effectively