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2688A Universal Cover Tape

$45.000 each


300 m roll
  • Transparent polypropylene film tape with layer of static dissipative coating on the component side and a synthetic, room temperature PSA strip along each edge
  • Peel removes only the center part of the cover tape exposing the pockets but leaving the PSA seal intact with the carrier, thus eliminating thr major drawback of PSA
  • Provides consistently smooth peeling performance with a tight range 20-30g, helping reduce vibration and component movement, while increasing overall pick-and-place productivity
  • Aslo works well on conductive polystyrene carriers
  • 300 m rolls are available in stock in standard widths of 5.4 mm, 9.3 mm, 13.3 mm, 21.3mm
  • Highly recommended for WLCSP, bare dies and ultra-thin packages that require a high performing cover tape
Important reading on peel back of 2688A cover tape. READ THIS.
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  • Years in business: Since 2003
  • Woman Owned and Operated Small Business
  • Member of SMTA
  • SIC Code: 5199
  • NAICS Codes: 334419 & 423690
  • Incorporated in: Texas
  • DUNS: 13-700-0530