0201 Carrier Tape

NPI qualifies 3M122921 raised platform carrier tape for 0201 Packages

NPI operators assembled a matrix of available 0201 passive components of thickness ranging from 0.25mm to 0.30mm. Cover tape was 3M2688A Universal Cover Tape "UCT" and 3M2671A Heat Activated Cover Tape "HAA".

0201 resistor & capacitor tape & reel

UCT was applied in PSA mode using light roller pressure on a TM-50** manual taper. Peel force is a perfect 14g. See PFT test Vibration, rotation and twist testing resulted in zero component movement.

HAA was applied in Heat mode on the same TM-50 with 20 PSI air pressure, 325 ms dwell and 136 deg C on the shoes. Peel force ranged from 20g to 50g but the same excellent results were achieved with component seating.

0201 Carrier Tape

Qualification Summary:

The new 3M raised platform technology in this carrier tape, combined with the superb quality of 3M cover tape, exceeded our expectations in performance. Finally, a techical solution to the difficult task of manually placing 0201 components in carrier tape.

**NPI uses a dampened advance motor controller on VTEK TM-50 equipment for 0402 and smaller components.