Defense Contractor Kitting

Dotting the I's and crossing the T's on Certificates-of-Compliance in the supply chain.

Largest issue facing defense contractors, counterfeit electronic components entering the supply chain. Bar none. Counterfeiting is the subject of countless seminars, conferences, briefings and white papers. Counterfeit detection? Good luck. Suppliers claiming "counterfeit detection" capabilities will market their new X-Ray machine or chemical wipes as a solution. With skill and experience, they will detect the crudest forms of cheating. Unless they are prepared to AC test on a full suite of production vectors over environmental ranges, they may detect a part functions, but not that it is an authentic production capable component. Without the component manufacturers leadership to embed traceability technology into their components, we have only two reasonable solutions:

  • When a manufacturer ends the life of a component and you are not prepared to move on without it, buy a lifetime supply and store them.
  • Know the supply chain and require a chain of conformance to stay with the product: name and FEIN of every entity in the chain.

While we may still have cheaters, at least we'll know who to arrest and prosecute!


  • Inventory stock items required to have a Manufacturer C-of-C, scanned into digital form and maintained with the inventory.
  • Stock is owned by the user, stored by NPI Materials.
  • User "pulls" product in the quantity required - NPI produces machine-ready production reels (where applicable) for each item along with printed and digital copies of the CoC.
  • Eliminates the risk of separation of material from its documentation.
  • Allows the material to be dispatched multiple times to multiple locations. Several sites can pull from the same reel of material.
  • An excellent solution for Life-Time-Buy management.
  • See How to Scrap the Waffle Packs - MIL R & C Tape and Reel

  • Benefits

    • Product is machine-ready, and properly documented when received.
    • Secure, environmentally controlled storage facility.
    • Proper treatment of moisture sensitive devices.


    • Charges for Material Storage and Management and VIP Tape & Reeling apply.
    • Other services such as MSD processing, lead solder dipping and programming are available at an additional cost.
    • Call 1-855-NPI-REEL to get started today.

    Who uses Defense Contractor Kitting services?

    • EMS companies performing work for defense contractors that are concerned with assuring the authenticity of the materials they procure.
    • Defense contractors that dispatch materials to various assmbly sites, both internal and external.
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