Xilinx Tape & Reel

Xilinx is the leader in field programmable logic but a laggard in packaging. Each new generation of their Virtex product pushes the pin-count to new levels but dimensionally, they are quite mundane.

Staying current

with Xilinx is not difficult. NPI Materials offers support for every square BGA and with multiple thickness options, even their integrated heat slugs are not a problem.

What this means for the customer

is that every component Xilinx manufactures is supported by NPI Materials. So if you are ready to eliminate the losses of picking large andexpensive Xilinx parts from trays, and want to move to the quality of tape feeding, we can support you quickly and inexpensively.

For a comprehensive report

of NPI Materials' capabilities to tape & reel Xilnix's product line, please call 1-855-NPI-Reel.